Michigan Accessible Homes
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House Expansion in Taylor, MI

This project involved an expansion of an existing bungalow-style house to accommodate a person who was injured in an auto accident.  The expansion, though large, needed to fit with the modest original house.  Since the original house was above grade, as seen in the porch on the front of the house, ramps were provided in the garage and on the back side of the house to provide the occupants access into and out of the home.  A fully accessible bathroom and bedroom was provided in the addition, along with a laundry designed as a tornado shelter per FEMA guidelines.
Front of house with addition to left
Raised garage door for lift-equipped van
Rear of house with deck, ramp, and patio
Dining room addition (to left) and deck
Ramp from deck down to patio
Ramp in garage
Accessible bathroom
Accessible toilet
Roll-in shower with shower chair